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Dental ATM (Automated Treatment Messaging) has created a service where our customers, namely dental care providers and their employees, can communicate with their patients through cell phone text messages, email, robo calling, and other forms of communications. With said communications, Dental ATM takes every measure to comply with the Health Insurance Policy and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Dental ATM is committed to the trust and confidentiality of it's clients. All information, including Protected Health Information (PHI), that may be used to conduct doctor and patient communications is protected by adherence to the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules and Regulations. 


Dental ATM adheres to the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules and Regulations according to Dental ATM’s policies and procedures manual held at its physical place of business. This manual includes, but is not limited to: training of employees in regards to PHI, electronic security of software and equipment used to process PHI, firewalls and encryption to prevent illegal an/or unauthorized access to PHI, and physical security of all servers. Securing the data of our customers and their patients is a central focus of our business.

Dental ATM's services: appointment confirmations, continuing re-care, unscheduled diagnosed treatment, and other such communications regarding the oral health care of our customers’ patients, as well as the business performance of our customers, are all HIPAA enabled and ready for Dental Entities to engage with.


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