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Frequently Answered Questions

When should I use DentalATM? Although DentalATM is primarily used after the appointment, the video clips library can assist your patients in visualizing and understanding the treatment recommended to them by you and your team. Treatment plan, consent and post-op care documents can easily be created and presented to patients before they leave. For paperless practices and for your patients convenience, all documents can be emailed in a matter of seconds. For busy practices that are concerned about losing valuable time in the operatory, DentalATM can be used at the end of the work day. Video presentations and personalized documents can be e-mailed at your convenience while maintaining an important connection with your patients.,

Should I use DentalATM with every patient? Not necessarily. However, most patients will benefit from the information within DentalATM. It is recommended that every patient that receives a complex treatment plan receives a personalized DentalATM e-mail. Patients who discuss treatment with a spouse or may need to make financial arrangements are especially good candidates for DentalATM content. Patients who receive a DentalATM e-mail are more likely to accept treatment and less likely to cancel an appointment.

Which staff members should use DentalATM? Typically, your front office team and treatment coordinators will utilize DentalATM. However, each team member should be familiar with the system, how it works and why it is important to your patients. In the event that a patient has questions about their treatment, your team will be able to confidently assist them.

How long does it take to create a video presentation? Seconds. Creating a video presentation is as easy as clicking your mouse three to five times, and selecting the appropriate video clips for a patient. Once a video presentation has been created it can be saved for future reference for patients with similar conditions and treatment requirements.

How long does it take to customize a document? Seconds. Customizing a document that is personalized to your patient is simple. For patient consent and post-op care documents, a patient's name and associated tooth numbers are all that is required. For more detailed treatment plan documents, a variety of treatments options and material overviews are also available.

When I send an e-mail to a patient with DentalATM will it be blocked as spam? Although we use sophisticated forms of email communication, some spam blockers may reject your personalized treatment message to your patient. It is important to let your patients know that an email will be sent to them from DentalATM. This will reduce the amount of email communication that is blocked by their email accounts.

Where should DentalATM be used in my practice? DentalATM can be utilized on any computer within your practice that has an internet connection. Many practices utilize it at the front desk, the treatment coordinating room and even in the operatory.

What kind of computer do I need? Any computer that has an internet connection will work with DentalATM. No new software or hardware is required.

Is a high speed internet connection required? A high speed internet connection is not required, but it is recommended. Although the video content and documents are optimized small for quick internet viewing, speeds and loading times will vary.

How is DentalATM updated? DentalATM is updated regularly to reflect the progressive and ever changing products and treatments in modern dentistry. Updates are made at no cost to the user and are made automatically without the need for installation or software discs.

If I use a product in my practice, and it's not in DentalATM, can I add it to the system? If you use a product, material or perform a procedure that isn't found in DentalATM, simply email us your feedback about making DentalATM a better fit for your office. We will make every effort, within reason, to make DentalATM an integral part of your dental practice.

Can my practice logo appear on the documents? Yes. DentalATM recommends that you email us a quality version of your practice logo to be placed on every document. This branding and name recognition effort is important for every dental practice.

What kind of printer is required for the documents? A basic color printer is all that is required when printing documents from DentalATM. Quality paper is always recommended.

What training is provided with DentalATM? A member of our coaching team will personally assist you with the basic setup and training over the phone. Although DentalATM is extremely user-friendly and can be learned in minutes,unlimited access to technical support and marketing assistance is available.

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